Even technical and chemical industry can be
environmentally friendly...

Company profile

Adichem spol. s r.o.

Adichem spol. s r.o. is production and distribution company operating internationally in the field of technical and chemical industry. The company was founded the 8th of November 2005. Since the beginning we are focused on the production of chemical products for cleaning, disinfection and treatment of microbiologically contaminated surfaces, mainly construction ones.

Using the knowledge and experience acquired while operating on the markets, we have gradually incorporated into our activities also distribution of raw materials used mostly for technical and chemical industries.

What do we offer?


Fire protective wood coatings and sealants
Fire protective wood impregnation
Biocidal fire protective wood impregnation
Fire protective wood lacquers and waxes
Fire protective concrete coatings and sealants
Fire protective PUR foams
Fire protective silicon sealants
Fire protective cellulose
Fire protective gel


Concrete and mortar plasticizers
Wood putty available in different color shades
Special sealants – used for jointing, oily and epoxy based
Glues for wood and epoxy adhesives
Wood impregnation
Liquid hydro-insulation
Two component flexible hydro-insulation coating
Hydro-insulation roof coating


Metal, cast iron and aluminium sealants
Sliding pastes
Metal surface adjusting paste
Rust removers
Adhesives for brake linings


Paper industry
Textile industry
Domestic chemistry

Qality and assurance

We believe that our efforts we put in research and development, in accordance with strict environmental requirements coming from current market, is headed towards to the right direction.

Quality for us is not just a word. It's our way of thinking, from the basic requirements of our customers to final implementation. Our ambition is to exceed your expectations. We always carefully listening, to make the acquaintance in details with your manufacturing processes and your requirements at the first, which will then allow us create an innovative solutions and given technical support directly addressed to your needs.

To ensure our quality policy and assurance we have integrated into the management methods and manufacturing the highest industry standards ISO 9001:2008, ISO 18001:2009 and ISO 14001:2005.


Movychem s.r.o.

Our company concluded with MOVYCHEM s.r.o. the agreement on cooperation in the management of common business activities. Our mutual cooperation was set up that MOVYCHEM s.r.o., as manufacturing company experienced in development and research for many years, will be represented by Adichem spol. s r.o. in all business matters. Thanks to this joint venture, we have significantly expanded our portfolio of business opportunities.

With leverage of using global patent rights for flame retardants and our own newly developed fire protective polymer molecule we gained a strong grounding in the legal and commercial issues for new business opportunities.


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